Date (week of) Handout Topic Code
January 21 Lab #1 Introduction to SAS and R
January 28 Lab #2 Introduction to SAS and R (cont'd)
February 4 Lab #3 Summarizing and displaying categorical data [R] [SAS]
February 11 Lab #4 Summarizing and displaying continuous data [R] [SAS]
February 18 Lab #5 Regression; creating new variables [R] [SAS]
February 25 Lab #6 Probability
Solutions to practice problems [pdf]
March 4 Lab #7 Binomial distribution; one-sample categorical data [R] [SAS]
Solutions to practice problems [pdf] [R] [SAS]
March 11 Lab #8 Sampling distributions and the central limit theorem
March 24 Lab #9 One-sample continuous data [R] [SAS]
April 1 Lab #10 Power for one-sample continuous data; tests for contingency tables [R] [SAS]
April 8 Lab #11 Odds ratios; power for two-sample categorical studies [R] [SAS]
April 15 Lab #12 Two-sample t-test [R] [SAS]
April 22 Lab #13 Transformations and rank-based tests [R] [SAS]
April 29 Lab #14 ANOVA; multiple comparisons [R] [SAS]
May 6 Lab #15 Survival analysis [R] [SAS]

Note: I am using "Handout" in the colloquial sense of "a document that is given to people"; we will not actually distribute physical copies in lab.