titanic: Survival of passengers on the Titanic

malaria: U.S. malaria rates, 1940-1989

pediatricaids: Pediatric AIDS cases per year in the U.S., 1983-1989

infant: Infant mortality rates in African, European, and Asian countries, 1992

stenosis: Study of aortic stenosis & smoking

smoking: Wickham study; data for smoking versus survival at 20-year follow-up

lead: IQ levels for children who lived near or far (within 1 mile) from a lead smelter in El Paso, Texas

tips: Tips received by a waiter over a several-month period at a restaurant

meningitis: Levels of protein in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with bacterial vs. viral meningitis

cysticfibrosis: Reduction in forced vital capacity for cystic fibrosis patients

adultmen: Heights and weights of adult men in the NHANES sample (2008)

women: Heights and weights of females (both adults and children) in the NHANES sample (2008)

trg-adultwomen: Levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and Apolipoprotein B of adult women in the NHANES sample (2006)

nhanes-subsamples: Mean triglyceride levels in random subsamples of the trg-adultwomen data set, as referenced in assignment 8

oatbran: Crossover study of whether oat bran lowers LDL cholesterol

lister: Joseph Lister's experiment on sterile surgery

nexium: Clinical trial of Nexium vs. Prilosec with erosive esophagitis healing as the outcome

infantheart: Randomized experiment comparing the effects of two techniques for congenital heart surgery on physical and mental development

diarrhea: Randomized, placebo-controlled experiment studying whether bismuth salicylate reduces symptoms of diarrhea in infants

allergen: Observational study of the relationship between household endotoxin levels and sensitivity to allergens

sids: Sex and age (in days) at time of death for infants who died of SIDS in Seattle, 1973-1982

anemia: Time-to-event data from a study involving aplastic anemia and which of two drug combinations best wards off death and graft-versus-host disease

cirrhosis: Time-to-event data from a study of whether penicillamine prevents liver failure in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

flicker: Critical flicker frequency for individuals with various eye colors

fumarate: Cardiac fumarate concentrations for wild-type/knockdown mice exposed/unexposed to adriamycin

Individual: 25-woman subsamples of the trg-adultwomen data set