Practice quizzes/tests:

Quiz 1 (practice).
Key to practice Quiz 1.

Quiz 2 (practice).
Key to practice Quiz 2.

Quiz 3 (practice).
Key to practice Quiz 3.

Quiz 4 (practice).
Key to practice Quiz 4.

Final (practice).
Key to practice final.

Review session materials

Quiz 1.
Quiz 2.
Quiz 3.
Quiz 4.
Final review.

Random question generator:

To get extra practice/experience with common problems, you can work with the random question generator. To use it, you must have R installed on your computer and be connected to the internet. You may then copy/paste:


into R. You can then run any of the following commands

Random questions from quiz 2:

prob()  ## Probability question
corr()  ## Correlation/regression question
quiz2() ## Randomly draws one of the above two questions

Random questions from quiz 3:

distr() ## Distributions (normal, binomial, central limit theorem)
cat1()  ## One-sample categorical data (using CLT approximation)
cont1() ## One-sample continuous data
quiz3() ## Randomly draws one of the above three questions

Random questions from quiz 4:

cat2()  ## Two-sample categorical data
cont2() ## Two-sample continuous data
quiz4() ## Randomly draws one of the above two questions

Random questions from post-quiz 4:

ANOVA() ## ANOVA/multiple comparison question
surv()  ## Kaplan-Meier/survival question
quiz5() ## Randomly draws one of the above two questions
final() ## Randomly draws a question from quiz3, quiz4, or quiz5

DISCLAIMER #1: Not all aspects of the course lend themselves to random question generation. Seeing the "big picture" is also very important, but it is very difficult to ask automatically generated questions about such concepts. I hope that you find the tool helpful, but do not use it as a wholesale replacement for conventional studying, as I will also ask broader, conceptual questions on quizzes/tests that go beyond the automated generator.

DISCLAIMER #2: All quizzes, lectures, and labs from this course use actual data from real studies. The random question generator obviously does not. So by all means, if the random question generator produces a study that provides convincing evidence that drinking coffee lowers blood pressure (or something), do not read anything into it! These are not real studies!