“Life” is a short-term gift. “Design” is creating of a plan to maximize it.

As I have grown older, the artist in me likes to imagine my life as a novel that I can direct in interesting and dramatic ways. There are both villains and heroes, and a noble quest being pursued. Much like authors using paper, writing one’s own story demands moments of silence, where you are forced to sit patiently and wait for the muses to appear. Sometimes their voices are soft and barely audible. And then there are moments when they speak piercingly and beckon you on an adventure.

The three main goals of this course:

Challenge traditional ways of looking at the college experience

Encourage students to look inside themselves for their true passions

Create a more engaged and passionate college graduate

Students often view college as a means to an end – earn a degree to get a job. But shouldn’t it be more? Life Design is an online class that helps examine how interests and talents can be interwoven to achieve a productive, fulfilling, and meaningful life. – David L. Gould

Throughout the course you will also come across sections like this, containing some of my writing that I'd love to share with you. Just click the link to open a dialog box so you can read without losing your spot. Simply close the box when you're done and continue where you left off!