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Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students in the Peate lab

Opportunities are available for motivated graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) and undergraduate students to work on projects involving applications of inorganic geochemistry (especially trace elements) to igneous petrogenesis or environmental topics.  Please e-mail me for more information.


Current Graduate Students

Trent Olsen (M.S. 2019-: University of Iowa, USA).
Precambrian basement of Iowa: revisting the Matlock cores.

Kenny Horkley (Ph.D. 2019-: University of Iowa, USA).
1. Appalachian lower crust metamorphism.
2. Timescales of magma ascent in Snæfellsnes using crystal diffusion profiles.

Brooke Byars (M.S. 2018-: University of Iowa, USA).
Petrogenesis of the Snæfellsjökull volcanic system basalts.

Jacob Siebach (Ph.D. 2016-: University of Iowa, USA).
Melt generation and transport beneath Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

Former Graduate Students (Peate as advisor or co-advisor)

Alex Maruszczak (M.S. 2016-2018: University of Iowa, USA).
Geochemistry of off-axis basaltic glasses from the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland
current job: Ph.D. student, University of South Florida.

David Burney (M.S. 2013-2015: University of Iowa, USA).
Petrogenesis of Vatnafell moberg, Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

current job: Ph.D. student, University of Notre Dame.

Dan Cukierski (M.S. 2011-2013: University of Iowa, USA).
Origin of FeNi metal spherules in impact melt at the Monturaqui impact crater, Chile.

current job: Specialist Geologist/Petrographer, Microanalysis, Perth, Australia.

Jaimi Ricci (M.S. 2010-2012: University of Iowa, USA).
Assessing the environmental influence of Afro-Arabian flood basalt volcanism.

current job: Staff geologist. Quest GeoSystems Management, Sacramento, CA.

Lee Falkena (M.S. 2007-2009: University of Iowa, USA).
Volatile content of large silicic eruptions in the Oligocene Yemen flood basalt province.
current job: Coordinator of undergraduate labs, EES, University of Illinois at Chicago

Jay Thompson (M.S. 2007-2009: University of Iowa, USA).
Crustal assimilation mechanisms in continental basalts: the Ice Springs flow, Utah.
first job after graduation: Lab Manager, ICP-MS lab, Dept of Geoscience, University of Iowa.
current job: Lab Manager, ICP-MS lab, University of Tasmania, Australia.

Ryan Clark (M.S. 2004-2006: University of Iowa, USA).
Petrogenesis of high Ti/Y magma types from the northern Paraná flood basalt province, South America.
first job after graduation: Terracon environmental consultants, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
current job: Research Geologist, Iowa Geological & Water Survey, Iowa City.

Anna Ladenberger (Ph.D. 2002-2006: Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland).
Petrogenesis of Tertiary volcanic rocks from southwestern Poland.
co-advisors: M Michalik (Jagiellonian University)
visited University of Iowa on a Fulbright Scholarship (Sept 2005 - Jan 2006).
current position: Staff Scientist, Swedish Geological Survey.

Abigail Barker (Ph.D. 2002-2006: Copenhagen University, Denmark).
Spatial and temporal compositional variations in the Iceland and Cape Verde hot spots.
co-advisors: JA Baker (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), PM Holm (Copenhagen University)
first job after graduation: Post-doctoral researcher, University of Victoria, Canada.
current position: Research Scientist, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Anja Fonseca (M.Sc. 2001-2005: Copenhagen University, Denmark).
Geochemical development in the upper part of the Skaergaard Intrusion.
co-advisors: C Tegner (Aarhus University), PM Holm (Copenhagen University).
current position: Meteorologist at Denmarks DR1 national TV station.

Morten Riishuus (Ph.D. 2000-2004: Aarhus University, Denmark).
Petrogenetic and temporal evolution of the Kangerlussuaq intrusive complex, East Greenland.
co-advisors: C Tegner & R Wilson (Aarhus University), CK Brooks (Copenhagen University).
first job after graduation: Post-doctoral researcher, Stanford University, USA.
current position:Geologist, Faroese Geological Survey, Faroe Islands.

Eniko Bali (Ph.D. 2000-2004: Szeged University, Hungary).
Fluid/melt–wall-rock interaction in the upper mantle beneath the central Pannonian Basin.
co-advisors: C Szabo (Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary).
first job after graduation: Post-doctoral researcher, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
current position: Senior Lecturer, University of Iceland, Iceland.

Rasmus Andreasen (M.Sc. 1999-2001: Copenhagen University, Denmark).
Cyclical compositional variations in the Geikie Plateau Formation of the Palaeogene flood basalts, East Greenland: inferences about magma chamber processes.
co-advisors: CK Brooks (Copenhagen University).
first job after graduation: Ph.D. student, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA.
current position: Research Scientist, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Yvonne Smit (Ph.D. 1997-2001: Open University, UK).
The Snæfellsnes transect: a geochemical cross-section through the Iceland plume.
co-advisors: CJ Hawkesworth & A Cohen (Open University).
first job after graduation: Post-doctoral researcher, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
current position: Freelance translator, France.

Kresten Breddam (Ph.D. 1996-2000: Copenhagen University, Denmark).
The nature of the Iceland mantle plume: evidence from the chemistry of neovolcanic glasses.
co-advisor: CK Brooks (Copenhagen University).
first job after graduation: Post-doctoral researcher, Danish Lithosphere Centre, Denmark.
current position: Head of section, National Institute of Radiation Protection, Denmark.

Frances Garland (Ph.D. 1991-1994: Open University, UK).
The Paraná rhyolites, southern Brazil: their petrogenetic relationship to the associated flood basalts.
co-advisor: CJ Hawkesworth (Open University).

Recent or Active Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Ashley Morris (2018-)
pXRF analysis of meteorites and "meteor-wrongs".

Allison Kusick (2018-)
Analysis of the Osborne mafic intrusion, NW Iowa.

Jiayan Ji (2018-2019)
Compositional analysis of dredge samples from the South China Sea.

Geoff Montour (2017-2018)
Clinopyroxene analyses of Snæfellsjökull basalts, Iceland.

Brooke Byars (2017-2018)
Plagioclase analyses from Budahraun, Iceland

Brandon Caswell (2015-2016)
Petrography and clinopyroxene analyses of Snæfellsnes basalts, Iceland.

Daniel Coulthard (2014-2016)
Crystal size distribution and clinopyroxene analyses from Budahraun, Iceland

Peter Schumacher (2014-2016)
Electron microprobe analyses of plagioclase from Berserkjahraun flows, Iceland.

Daniel Perna (2014-2015)
Major & trace element analyses of Berserkjahraun flows, Iceland.

Adam Moritz (2014-2015)
Electron microprobe analyses of glass and pyroxene from Berserkjahraun flows, Iceland.

Reid Overton (2014)
ICP-MS analyses of Yemen rhyolites.

Hannah Dubbs (2014)
ICP-MS analyses of Yemen rhyolites.

Christian Haas (2012-2013)
Geochemistry and petrography of igneous rocks near Dillon, Montana.

Nick Lamkey (2012-2013)
Fe-Mn-Zn variations in Icelandic basalts.

Phil Kerr (2011-2012)
Compositional and mineralogical characterisation of reduction spots in Welsh slates.

David Majewski (2009-2011)
Investigation of magma mixing in dacites from Aguas Calientes volcano, Chile.

Emily Adamek (2008)
Digital image analysis of rock textures.
Funded through an Iowa Research Experiences for Undergraduates award.

Kelly Wilhelm (2007-2008)
Pb-isotope provenancing of Roman lead artifacts from the Netherlands.
Funded through an Dewey Stuit scholarship).

Kristen Stauffer (2007)
Evaluating the ability of Electric Pulse Disintegration to produce clean mineral separates for geochemical analysis.
Funded through an Iowa Research Experiences for Undergraduates award.

Jay Thompson (2006)
Compositional variations within an individual eruptive event: The Ice Springs flow, Utah.

Christy Kloberdanz (2005-2006)
PGE and Os isotopes on melt rocks from Manson impact crater, Iowa, and a search for impact diamonds.

Shane Behanish (2005-2006)
Olivine-hosted melt inclusions from Vaigat Formation flood basalts, West Greenland.
Funded through an NSF research grant (with Ingrid Ukstins Peate).

Jessica Bruse (2005-2006)
Mineral compositional variations in the Tabernacle Hill flow, Utah.
Funded through a North-Central GSA Undergraduate research grant (with Ingrid Ukstins Peate).

Lee Falkena (2004-2005)
Origin of Pb isotope variations in Fe-Mn nodules from the Izu-Bonin forearc.
Funded through an Iowa Research Experiences for Undergraduates award.