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iTEA lab – Iowa Trace Element Analysis Laboratory

The ICP-MS trace element analysis facility was established with funding from the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation program (grant EAR-0821615) and from the University of Iowa. The equipment was installed in Nov 2009, and it has been providing high-quality trace element data for researchers from a diverse range of disciplines including Geoscience, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, Bioengineering and Anthropology.

The ICP-MS facility allows determination of trace element concentrations down to sub-ppb levels (ng/mL) in a wide variety of sample types (rocks, minerals, metals, glasses, solutions, waters, digested samples) as either solutions or solid materials (analyzed by laser ablation)


ICP-MS lab (B21G Trowbridge Hall)
phone: (319) 335-3362

The instrumentation includes:

Thermo X-series II ICP-MS + collision cell
NewWave 213nm laser + He ablation gas
Cetac autosampler in clean housing

Interested in analyzing samples?

Contact the lab director, David W Peate (david-peate at uiowa.edu), if you are interested in using the ICP-MS for sample analysis. As an indication of likely costs, instrument time is charged at a rate of $50 / hour for university researchers. Users will be trained to analyze their own samples. Additional costs will be applied for sample preparation (acid digestion, flux fusion, ion-exchange separations), and for extensive assistance from lab personnel.