Hong Kong International Saxophone Symposium

FAQ 2016
  • What is Hong Kong International Saxophone Symposium 2016 (HKISS)?
    HKISS is a saxophone event initiated by Dr. Kenneth Tse aiming to provide a gathering of professionals, amateurs, students and enthusiasts who would like to learn more about saxophone performance, pedagogy and other aspects through interacting with internationally renowned artists.
  • Who is the organizer of this symposium?
    This symposium is organized by the Hong Kong International Saxophone Society and subsidized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  • Will the musical standard of the active participants vary much?
    Since the active participants need to send in the audition songs thus those who are chosen will be of higher standard.
  • Who will be the judges?
    Dr. Kenneth Tse
  • Will there be any pianist for the active participants in the masterclass?
    We will provide pianist(s) for the active participants for the master classes with a short rehearsal beforehand. Active participants are also welcomed to bring their own pianists.
  • What will the active participants do in the final student concert?
    Active participants will have chances to play in solo or quartet and ensemble setting in the final student concert
  • What would a full-time auditor be able to do?
    Full time auditor can participate in discussion in all the lectures, group lessons, master classes and will form an ensemble group, under the coaching of the Iowa Saxophonists’ Workshop, to perform in master class. They will also participate in the 100-person saxophone choir in the gala concert.
  • What if I buy a 1 day pass for a specific day?
    If you buy a 1-day pass, you can be present and participate in discussion for the lecture, group lesson and master class on that specific day.
  • What is the program of the master recitals?
    We are currently finalizing the concert program and will update in the website around May.
  • Will HKISS be organized every year?
    Our hope is to host this event every two - three years. However, it will also depend on the outcome and feedback.