Published or To Appear in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Submitted for Publication
A Generalized Rollout Policy Framework for Stochastic Dynamic Programming.”  Revised and resubmitted, October 2014.  (with Justin Goodson and Jeffrey Ohlmann)

Solution Approaches for Stochastic Emissions-Minimized Paths in Urban Areas.”  Revised and resubmitted, October 2014.  (with Jan Fabian Ehmke and Ann M. Campbell)

Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in Louisiana.” Revised and resubmitted, October 2014. (with Kamal Lamsal and Philip C. Jones)

Continuous Time Scheduling for Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in the United States and Australia.” August 2014. (with Kamal Lamsal and Philip C. Jones)

The Technician Routing Problem with Experience-based Service Times.”  August 2014.  (with Xi Chen and Mike Hewitt)

In Revision
Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in Brazil.” October 2014. (with Kamal Lamsal and Philip C. Jones)

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

“Dynamic Vehicle Routing.” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science.  Edited by James J. Cochran.  Wiley, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-470-40063-0.

“Challenges and Advances in A Priori Routing.” The Vehicle Routing Problem: Latest Advances and Challenges.  Edited by Bruce Golden, Raghu Raghavan, and Edward Wasil.  Volume 43 of Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces, Springer, 2008. (with Ann M. Campbell)

Other Book Chapters
“Lean in Healthcare.”  Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems.  Edited by Yuehwern Yih.  Industrial and Systems Engineering Series, CRC Press, 2010.  (with Philip C. Jones)

Working Papers
“Vehicle Routing to Minimize Time-Dependent Expected Emissions in Urban Areas.”  February 2014.  (with Jan F. Ehmke and Ann Campbell)

“A Rolling-Horizon Approach for Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in the Brazil.” January 2014.  (with Kamal Lamsal and Philip C. Jones)

“Dynamic Orienteering on a Network of Queues.”  January 2014.  (with Shu Zhang and Jeffrey W. Ohlmann)

“Task Assignment with Training and Learning/Forgetting.”  January 2014.  (with Huan Jin, Mike Hewitt, Ken Brown, and Scott Grasman)

“Stochastic Task Assignment with Individual Learning.”  January 2014. (with Silviya Valeva and Mike Hewitt)

“Same-Day Delivery Routing.”  January 2014. (with Stacy Voccia and Ann M. Campbell)

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