People @ University of Iowa

William (Bill) Barnhart

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Cornell University (2013)

B.S. Washington and Lee University (2008)

Assistant Professor, University of Iowa (2015-Present)

USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2015)


Research Interests: All things tectonic that move, and how to measure those movements


Clayton Brengman

Graduate Student (PhD)

B.S. Northwestern University

M.S. University of Kentucky


Research Project: Artificial Neural Networks applied to InSAR






Guo Cheng

Graduate Student (PhD)

B.Eng. Dalian University of Technology

M.S. University of Illinois-Urbana


Research Project: Optical geodesy

Hannah Shea

Graduate Student (MS)

B.S. University of Iowa


Research Project: Frictional properties of faults

Emma Mankin

Undergraduate Researcher


Research Project: InSAR and earthquake detection

Former Members:


Shaoyang Li (Post Doc, 2018)

Katherine Peterson (Masters 2018, Now at NGA)

Bryan Stressler (Masters 2017, Now at NOAA)