Lab Resources @ University of Iowa

The Active Tectonics and Geodesy research group holds and maintains a suite of computational and equipment resources for student, instructional, and research use:




    Graduate student workstations (Linux, Mac Desktop)

    Undergraduate student workstations (MacMinis)

    Alienware gaming computer with GPU card and Oculus Rift VR visualization


HPC and Server


          2 Intel Xeon 8-core CPUs

          128 GB RAM

          ~40 TB storage



          5 28-core (56 HT cores) nodes owned by our group

          256 GB RAM per node

          Other Argon resources available from UIowa HPC


Guralp-EDU 3-channel broadband seismometer

RaspberryShake 1D portable seismometer


Software Licenses:

       Trelis (formerly Cubit)