HPC tutorial

The Department of Biostatistics has several dedicated nodes on the High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster at the University of Iowa. My tutorial on how to use this resource is located here.

GWAS tutorial

Here is a link to a hands-on tutorial for carrying out genome-wide association studies (GWAS) using R. This has been co-developed by myself and several of my graduate students over the years. Current status: there’s enough here to be useful, for sure, but definitely still a work in progress in a state of ongoing development.

Big data lab

Here is a lab titled “Working with big data in genomics” that I have given for our Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics students.

SAS Macro tutorial

Here is a presentation/tutorial I have given a few times on SAS Macros.

University of Iowa thesis template

Here is a template for writing a thesis that conforms to University of Iowa formatting guidelines (at least, as of 2015). See the README for instructions on getting started.