Current students

Collin Nolte

Yoon Joo Cho

Tabitha Peter

Yujing Lu

Former students

Chuyi Wang
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Feature screening rules and algorithms for efficient optimization of sparse regression models (2021)

Anna Reisetter
Penalized linear mixed models for structured genetic data (2021)

Biyue Dai
Eli Lilly and Company
Projection-based inference and model selection for penalized regression (2019)

Sheng Wang
JDA Software
Regularized skewness parameter estimation for multivariate skew normal and skew t distributions (2019)

Ryan Miller
Xavier University, Department of Mathematicss
Marginal false discovery rate approaches to inference on penalized regression models (2018)

Yaohui Zeng
Scalable sparse machine learning methods for big data (2017)

Michael Singleton
University of Kentucky, Department of Biostatistics
Nonlinear hierarchical models for longitudinal experimental infection studies (2015)

Yinglei Li
Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Genetic association testing of copy number variation (2014)