Using SFTP with MyWeb

The process of moving web site files (.html, .jpg, etc.) from a local computer to a web server is often known as "publishing."   The secure method available for connecting and publishing files to your MyWeb site is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

To connect (a.k.a. authenticate) to your MyWeb site via SFTP you must first set up the SFTP client (e.g. WS-FTP, Dreamweaver, etc.) you are using to publish your files.

The following are parameters specific to connecting via SFTP to MyWeb accounts (example screenshots are below):

Host Name/Server Name:
Remote Site Folder/Host Directory: myweb/HawkID (note the use of a forward slash / )
Login/User ID: domain-name\HawkID (note the use of a backslash \ )
Password: your HawkID password


  • When connecting to the server it is required that you reference the domain that contains your HawkID.  When asked for your Login/User ID you must precede your HawkID with the IOWA domain name as in: iowa\hawkID. 
  • For information on HawkID go to:
  • The correct syntax for use of the forward slash and back slash is required for a successful login
  • You must specify the Remote Site Folder/Host Directory for your account
  • Your sites main home page must be placed within your top-level folder/directory (not within a sub-folder)
  • Your home page must be named one of the following:
    • index.htm
    • index.html
    • default.htm
    • default.html
  • For more information please read the MyWeb FAQ

Please note that Adobe Contribute is NOT compatible with MyWeb's SFTP service.

Dreamweaver Site Definition SFTP Example:

Dreamweaver SFTP properties

WS-FTP SFTP Connection Examples:

WS_FTP SFTP example

WS_FTP SFTP example

WS_FTP SFTP example