MyWeb FAQ and Policies

1. What is MyWeb?

MyWeb is a service for hosting individual faculty, staff or student web sites.

2. How do I get an account?

To obtain an account go to:

3. What is the URL for accounts?

The URL convention for accounts is:

4. When I first get a MyWeb account and visit my site in a browser why do I receive a 404 error (or similar) message?

A 404 error or a Directory Listing Denied error may be received when the home page file is missing from your site.  By default, new accounts will not have an home page (index page) until the account owner publishes one to his/her account.

5. What are the publishing capabilities of the server?

The MyWeb service is limited to HTML based websites. Script/Language based websites (e.g. .NET, PHP, Python, etc.) and/or Database hosting are not supported. Connecting to the MyWeb server is via the SFTP publishing protocol.

6. How do I authenticate (i.e. Login) to the server?

Connecting to the MyWeb server is based on Active-Directory authentication.  To login, you must specify your domain, your HawkID and associated password.  The only Active Directory domain supported on MyWeb is the IOWA domain.  For more information on the HawkID system please go to:

7. Are files encrypted or secure when publishing web files to a MyWeb site?

The secure method available for connecting and publishing files to your MyWeb site is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). For information about using SFTP go to:

8. How much space can I get?

50mb is the default quota for all sites. MyWeb is not intended for hosting large web sites and is not suitable for large multimedia files or content. Requests for additional quota will be handled on a per request basis and will be granted or denied based on; the amount of requested space, nature of the content, methods of efficiency used on the site (e.g. are images optimized for use on the web) and the current state of server storage resources. Please contact the ITS Help Desk for all quota increase requests at: 319-384-4357 or via e-mail:

9. What is the backup policy?

All accounts are backed-up for purposes of disaster recovery only.  Restoration of individual files (e.g. due to accidental deletion by the user) is not a feature of the MyWeb service.  For this reason it is important that account holders maintain their own current and complete backup of any file(s) placed within their MyWeb account.

10. Will there be times when my site is off-line or unavailable for publishing?

To maintain the service there will be times when the server will be taken off-line to make hardware updates or to install necessary security patches.  Avoiding unintentional down-times and/or service outages is a priority for all services provided by ITS, however, hardware and software failures do happen.  In the event of an un-scheduled outage all effort will be made to restore services as quickly as possible, however, the specific nature of any outage ultimately dictates how long a service will be unavailable.

Important: Although MyWeb is an important service it is not a "Mission Critical" platform.  For this reason do not publish any material, information or content that cannot potentially be off-line during extended outage periods.

Notices of scheduled and un-scheduled outages for MyWeb will be posted on the ITS Help Desk Alerts and Outages web page:

11. How long do the accounts remain active?

Student accounts: Will remain active up to one (1) year after your graduation date, however, if you leave the UI for reasons other than graduation (drop enrollment, etc.) your site will be removed within 30 days. If you would like your account removed upon graduation, or at any time within one year after graduation, please contact the ITS Help Desk to request an account removal.

Faculty and staff accounts:  Accounts are subject to removal within 30 days of a change of status and/or leaving the employ of the UI.


  • Accounts are removed without notification when one's eligibility expires.
  • Accounts not utilized within 30 days after being established are subject to removal without notice.
  • Periodically, ITS will audit accounts for activity. Accounts that are no longer in use, have had no file updates or other activity in the last 12 months are subject to removal without notice.
  • Be sure to maintain a full and current backup of your site content. Once an account is deleted due to loss of eligibility, a copy of your site content cannot be restored or provided on any medium (CD, etc.).

12. Where do I go for assistance?

If you need assistance with a MyWeb account please contact the ITS Help Desk:

13. What can I use a MyWeb account for?

MyWeb accounts are intended for publishing personal, academic-related content such as student portfolios, HTML-based web sites/projects (within quota: see item 9 above) and assignments or other content relative to a student's life at the UI.  Faculty and staff may utilize accounts to publish biographical information such as CV's, research documents, office hours, etc.  Note:  Please keep local, up-to-date backup copies of all files and content published to your account.  ITS does not provide individual file recovery services for MyWeb accounts!

14. What can't I use a MyWeb account for?

The MyWeb service is not intended for the following:

  • An on-line medium for teaching or distributing class or course materials
  • Hosting institutional data
  • Hosting collegiate, departmental, academic/research unit or recognized organizational web sites
  • Posting private and/or personal information that is outside the scope of or not specific to one's work, research or student life at the UI
  • Application development or hosting web-based applications

MyWeb is also not intended as a platform for hosting or distributing multimedia content (e.g. video, MP3) or video streaming.

Information on hosting course-related material and content can be found at:

Departmental Web hosting information is at:

MyWeb accounts must adhere to the The University of Iowa Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources found here:

Any account found in non-compliance with the IT Resources Acceptable Use policy or the terms outlined in this FAQ is subject to removal without notice.