Survival Data Analysis

BIOS 7210 / STAT 7570

Fall 2018


9-10: Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to hold office hours tomorrow; I have a student’s dissertation prospectus to attend. I apologize for the inconvenience; if you would like to set up a different time to meet with me, please send an e-mail.

8-14: Welcome to the website for Survival Data Analysis. On the menu above are links to the syllabus, lecture notes, and assignments. There are also some data sets available in a tab-delimited format. We will discuss these data in class and on homework assignments as the semester goes on.


10-19: Also in the Weibull distribution lecture (10-09), in the diagram illustrating the web of relationships between all the distributions, Weibull(λ, τ) should be Weibull(λ, γ). This has been fixed now (thank you, Daren, for pointing this out).

10-17: In revising the notation for the Weibull distribution lecture (10-09), I changed the rate parameter on slide 14 from λ to τ, but forgot to update the next equation for the hazard function. This has been fixed now (thank you, Collin, for pointing this out).

10-12: After running into some confusion with symbols meaning different things on different slides during the Weibull distribution lecture, I have revised the notation so that there are no conflicts. The revised lecture is now posted in place of the old one. I also added a slide with a diagram summarizing the relationships between all of the distributions that we talked about yesterday. Thank you to everyone for all the feedback – it was very helpful for making the notes (and future versions of this lecture) more clear.