Survival Data Analysis

BIOS 7210 / STAT 7570

Fall 2019


8-15: Welcome to the website for Survival Data Analysis. On the menu above are links to the syllabus, lecture notes, and assignments. There are also some data sets available in a tab-delimited format. We will discuss these data in class and on homework assignments as the semester goes on.


10-24: The original wording of assignment 7, problem 2 referred to the wrong slide – it should read “slide 19 of the Weibull distribution notes”, not “slide 18 of the 10-10 notes”. Thank you, Cari, for pointing this out.

10-15: The original wording of assignment 5, problem 2 was not explicit – I want a proof for the right-censored case. I assume you’ve probably proven something like this for uncensored data in a previous course.

9-19: Assignment 2, problem 2 featured a typo in which I accidentally subtracted the date of death from the date of diagnosis, rather than the other way around. This has now been corrected; I am very sorry for the confusion.