Date Subject Code
8-25 Introduction; Nature of time-to-event data
8-27 Hazard functions and other functions of survival time
9-1 Likelihood construction R
9-3 Censoring mechanisms R
9-8 The Kaplan-Meier estimator R
9-10 Inference for KM estimator R
9-17 Log-rank test R
9-22 Power and sample size calculations R
9-24 Stratification R
9-29 Likelihood-based inference R
10-1 Exam I
10-6 Likelihood-based inference (cont'd)
10-8 Proportional hazards models R
10-13 The Weibull distribution R
10-15 Accelerated failure time models R
10-20 Accelerated failure time models (cont'd)
10-22 Semiparametric regression R
10-27 Cox regression: Estimation R
10-29 Cox regression: Inference R
11-5 Cox: Tied survival times; estimation of survival probability R
11-10 Cox regression: Residuals and model checking R
11-12 Exam II
11-17 Cox regression: Stratification R
11-19 Quantifying predictive accuracy in Cox models R
11-24 Thanksgiving
11-26 Thanksgiving
12-1 Time-dependent coefficients R
12-3 Time-dependent covariates R
12-8 Competing risks R
12-10 Recurrent events and multistate models R