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DLC Yemen Expedition 1999

The Danish Lithosphere Centre organised an expedition to Yemen in late 1999 to study the Oligocene (c. 30 Ma) flood volcanism asociated with the Afar plume and opening of the Red Sea region. Field logistics and safety were in the capable hands of Abdulkarim Al-Subbary, Mohammed Al-Khadasi and colleagues from the University of Sana'a, and without their help, the expedition would not have been possible: thanks! Expedition participants were: Joel Baker, David Peate, Ingrid Ukstins, Kim Knight, Peter Riisager, and Tom Hagensen.


Satellite view showing location of Yemen in the south-west Arabian Peninsula.

Bait Baws village & the SAM ignimbrite
Ignimbrites & tuffs in Jabal Kura'a
Assistance from local children
Orienting palaeomagnetic samples
  Excellent exposures
A better view from the roof
Local farms growing grapes and qat
  Keeping the heavily armed locals friendly The team meeting University officials Wadi Dhahr and the Imam's palace