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Western US 2005

In summer 2005, I drove from Iowa City to Utah to meet up with Ingrid who was teaching Summer Field Camp in Park City. We went down to south-west Utah to collect samples from the Black Rock Desert Volcanic Field (near Filmore) for an NSF-funded project to study crustal assimilation processes. We then went up to Corvallis to do some analytical work with Adam Kent at Oregon State University. During the trip home, we managed to see several excellent exposures of the Columbia River flood basalts.

  c. 700 year old Ice Springs lava flow
flow front of the Ice Springs lava

Travertine deposits on Tabernacle Hill flow
  Obsidian flow, Newberry Crater, Oregon

colonade and entablature in flood basalt

5th president?
the fun begins

Devils Tower, Wyoming

banding and folds in obsidian
  Columbia River basalts - another flood basalt province bagged.