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SWIFT cruise (14th Feb - 21st Mar 2001)

French-Danish expedition to survey & dredge the South-west Indian Ridge & the Madagascar Plateau.

  Red line = ship track from Durban (South Africa) to Reunion, via the Madagascar Plateau, the South-west Indian Ridge, and a short detour to Crozet Island to escape from Cyclone Dera.
R/V Marion Dufresne.

Satellite photo of Cyclone Dera.

Fine french cuisine onboard

Playing badminton in the cargo hold
  Practice drill with survival suit

Shipboard lecture: U-series disequilibrium

Dredged plagioclase-rich pillow lava
  sea swell during dredging (to right) sea swell during dredging (to left) samples on deck from dredge
  another successful(?) dredge one of many spectacular sunsets dolphins following ship as we left Durban harbour.