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China May 2006

In May 2006, Ingrid & I made our first trip to China. We went to the IAVCEI international conference on Continental Magmatism in Guangzhou, and then spent 10 days on the post-conference excursion to the Emeishan flood basalt province. Most of the trip was in Yunnan province in SW China, with a few days spent in southern Sichuan province, where the food was a bit more spicy.


Map of excursion route through the c. 260 Ma Emeishan flood basalt province (from the field guide written by Xigang Xu)

Emeishan fieldtrip participants:
(back L to R) Hong Zhong, Noel Davin, Moti Stein, Mike McCurry, Yigang Xu, David Peate, Oded Navon, Richard Ernst, Eero Hanski.
(front L to R) Scott Bryan,
Marian Munteanu, Christian Tegner,
Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Zilong Li.
Bin He took the picture (from Yigang Xu).
accretionary lapilli
  there are three types of magma on Earth:
silicate, carbonate, and coconut !

Emeishan flood basalt lavas in the Yangtze river valley
flow-aligned giant plagioclase basalt
  one of the "miners" was cute ! Panzihua Fe-Ti-V mine 'Stone Forest' karst scenary near Kunming
  ploughing rice field with water buffalo rice plants up close rice planting
  yet another fine meal a light lunch, according to Yigang Lijang old town at night