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Cape Verde Islands 2003

In Oct 2003 I went to the Cape Verde islands with Paul Martin Holm (University of Copenhagen), Abigail Barker and Lars. Abi's Ph.D. project with Paul and myself was to study the temporal compositional changes of magmatism on Santiago island where there is an volcanic record of over 6 million years, and this is where we spent most of our time. Paul & I also took a side visit to the neighbouring islands of Maio and Boa Vista to do some reconnaissance sampling of these less well-studied islands.

  The Cape Verde islands are located about 500 km off the coast of West Africa.
Young volcanic cone on Santiago.

Scenary of central Santiago

Deserted beach on Maio

Excellent exposure on Santiago
  Pillow lavas

Volcanic 'breadcrust' bomb

Kingfisher bird
  lavas overlying dipping hyaloclastic beds Group photo (from Paul Martin Holm)
spiders join webs together to span road !
  Panorama of central Boa Vista island showing the deeper erosional levels compared to Santiago island