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American Studies Recommendations
by Richard P. Horwitz

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select, on-line resources for students and teachers of American Studies.

Below are links to some materials of my own that may be helpful, too. Happy surfing!

Roots of American Studies
American Studies: Approaches and Concepts
On Writing American Studies
To Kvetch and Define a Field
American Studies as a Way of Life
The Small Miracles of Everyday Life
Teaching About Method
Principles in Assessing Educational Exchange
The Politics of International American Studies
Coming to Terms With International American Studies
Shit Happens: An American Studies Engagement
'Foreign' Expertise: American Studies in Taiwan

Multiculturalism and University Lore
Hogs and the Meaning of Life
Just Stories of Ethnographic Authority
An Artist Makes History

Americans' Problem With Global Warming
Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) as a Hazard for New England Dairies
Dairy Farms That Touch the Public and Plans for Coping with FMD in New England
Biosecurity, Infection Control and Continuity of Dairy Operations
New England Secure Milk Supply Project
Readiness Rating for Continuity of Dairy Operations
Communicating with Dairy Consumers about FMD
Scientific Support of Environmental Emergency Response (SSEER) in Rhode Island

The American Studies Anthology
Hog Ties: What Pigs Tell Us About America
Hog Ties: Pigs Manure and Mortality in American Culture
Exporting America: Essays on American Studies Abroad
The Strip: An American Place
Anthropology Toward History

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The Coastal Institute, University of Rhode Island (URI)
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM)
New England Animal Agricultural Security Alliance (NESAASA)
Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (NSF-IGERT)
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-APHIS)

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