What Others Have Said About Kenneth...

“I was, and am, enormously impressed by the power and fluidity of his musical expression, his amazing virtuosity and beauty of sound.  Kenneth Tse’s humility is indeed the secret of his expressive power.  When he plays, it is about the music, not the performer, not the saxophone.  The man and the instrument are truly the conduits of the music.”

Robert Dick
Flute virtuoso and composer

“One of the world's great artists on any instrument.”

David DeBoor Canfield

“A brilliant saxophonist…worthy of any stage in the world”

         Eugene Rousseau
Legendary saxophone soloist and pedagogue

“A young virtuoso”

             The New York Times

"I appreciate particularly the quality of the tone, the perfect tuning, and the musical intelligence..."

Jean-Marie Londeix

“[He]…played with virtuosic brilliance…Fleet of fingers and athletic in breath.”

        The Bloomington Herald-Times

“Hong Kong-born Kenneth Tse is of the caliber of instrumentalists whose very sound is captivating.”  


Fanfare Magazine

“Kenneth plays with a beautiful sound, flawless technique, and outstanding musicianship.

Ray Cramer
Eminent Conductor

"supremely elegant tone...sheer virtuosity."

American Record Guide

“Tse played with liquid tone and flawless technique.”

    Des Moines Register

"Tse's full-bodied sound was a joy to behold. His control, from the softest of tonal caresses to the most penetrating of fortissimos, not to mention his ability to tango and swing with utmost liberty, was awe-inspiring."

The Straits Times, Singapore

"Kenneth Tse has established himself to be an outstanding saxophone artist. His control over the instrument is incredible allowing material that seems impossible to sound like child's play. Every aspect of saxophone performance has been refined to the "nth" degree: His ability to bring out the lyricism of any line no matter how active or convoluted is breathtaking. The staccato notes are clear and clean points of sound and never sound rushed regardless of the tempo. The most exciting aspect of Kenneth Tse is the level of intensity he maintains throughout the performance.  He takes the notes and creates a musical fantasy that engulfs the listener's imagination for the duration of the performance."

"Kenneth Tse is a phenomenal saxophonist with incredible technical and interpretive skills. His tone is absolutely lovely. His fingers are precise and rapid. His interpretive skills are excellent having the ability to create vast aural fantasies in the listeners musical soul. The true magic of music is to take a series of ink blots on a piece of paper and turn them into tem- poral living entities that almost lives and breathes. And in this case, Kenneth Tse is the 'master magician."

Saxophone Journal