Note that for all of the corrections below, the mistakes have been fixed on the online versions of the notes/assignments. I am just compiling a record here in case you printed off a hard copy prior to the correction.


4-2: Added a slide on AUC to the 3-28 notes.

3-6: 2-28 notes, slide 19: Φ-1 should be Φ.

2-28: Mistake in R code for 2-21. max(new-old) should be max(abs(new-old)).

2-8: For 1-31 notes, slide 3, it is worth mentioning that ϕ must be positive. This is now noted on the slide.

2-5: For the 2-5 notes, slide 8, last bullet: θ should have a ^ on it.

2-5: For the 2-5 notes, slide 5: second (x-x0) term should be squared.

1-30: Mistake on assignment 2, problem 2(d). The right side of the equation should be (x1/x2)β1. Thank you very much, Meng, for bringing this to my attention.

1-22: For the R code on 1-17, fixed transformation of final plot to be exp(x)-3 instead of exp, to match the transformation used to fit the model.

1-15: For the 1-15 notes, fixed path to tips file on page 5 and edited comment on page 8 (x and y are being added, not multiplied).

1-8: Welcome to the website for BST 760, Advanced Regression. Above are links to the syllabus and lecture notes. There are also a number of data sets available in a tab-delimited format. Soon, assignments will be posted as well.