The Jiang Lab for Adaptive Behavior

Unlike other species and current artificial intelligence, humans are capable of performing a great number of very different complex tasks, such as driving a car, purchasing a house, getting a PhD (or doing all these in video games) and so on. These tasks vary greatly in many aspects, yet the brain is able to adapt its processing to these different task demands, as if it self-programs in order to perform the given tasks. These programs modulate neural processing through a collection of cognitive functions called cognitive control. My research program focuses on how these programs and their respective demand of cognitive control are learned, stored, retrieved and executed in the brain using computational modeling, neuroimaging and behavioral testing. Please check out the Research section for more details and the Publications section for my previous and ongoing work.

We are hiring!

Our lab is currently looking for a graduate student starting in fall 2021. Please check out Join us for more detail.