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8:29 Poems and More Poems

Course Information and Assignments

TTh 2:30-3:45 p. m., Room 218 EPB

Instructor: Florence Boos

Office: 319 EPB

office phone 335-0434 (answering machine)

Office hours: most afternoons after class; Tuesday 4-5 p. m.; Wednesday 5-7 p. m.
Textbooks ordered for Course at IMU: Shorter Norton Anthology of English Poetry

Your grade will be based on attendance, preparation and participation, and written work. Course assignments will be:

1. contributions to class discussion: please read the assigned poem and any supplementary material before class and mentally prepare questions and comments.

2. journal/review of reading: you are asked to prepare an internet journal of your reading--one typed page on one of the poems we have read each week--to be posted on ICON with a paper copy to me the next class period, and gathered together into a packet at the end of the course for submission.

The journals should consider form as well as content, and should include close reading and interpretation of the text. At least two of your journals should respond or comment in some way to the postings of other students.

3. Each student will be asked to choose and bring in one poem on which to lead class discussion, at a time to be announced on the schedule.

4. At the end of the semester students will be asked to write a two page commentary reviewing the course and commenting on which poems or perceptions you found most meaningful, and why. In place of a written final examination, you will be asked to briefly summarize the contents of your essay to the class.


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