About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Dat Hong.

I am a fifth-year PhD student from The University of Iowa. My advisors are Prof. Tong Wang from Tippie College of Business, The University of Iowa and Prof. Alberto M. Segre from Computer Science Department, The University of Iowa. My research areas are Machine Learning/Deep Learning, especially Interpretable Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Currently, I am actively looking for full-time job opportunities after graduation next year. Expected positions: Researcher, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer.

My career goal: becoming an expert in AI and software industry.

My Specialty

My Skills

Generally, I am well-versed in almost all current popular software languages, tools and technologies.

I always keep learning new languages, technologies and skills whenever I think they are helpful.

Here are some technologies that I have been mostly working with.

Python programming (Numpy,Pandas,Sklearn,Scipy,...)

5+ years

Machine learning (Tensorflow/Keras)

3+ years

Deep learning

2+ years

Natural Language Processing

2+ years

Data analysis/Data visualization (with Tableau, Python libraries, D2.js, etc)

5+ years

Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

4+ years

Java and related technologies: JSP/Servlet, Swing/JFC, Spring, Hibernate/JPA

3+ years

Web front-end technologies: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery

3+ years



The University of Iowa, Iowa, USA

In progress. Expected graduation in 2021

The University of Iowa, Iowa, USA. (2015-2017)

Major GPA: 3.91

Accumulating GPA: 3.83

HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam National University, Vietnam (2006-2011)


Work Experience

Teaching Assistant 2017-current
The University of Iowa

Task: grading, holding office hours, leading discussion sessions, design problem solutions and guide students

Graduate courses: Deep Learning, Health Data Analytics, Information Visualization

Undergraduate-level courses:Fundamental in Computer Science , Algorithms

Research Assistant 2016-2017
The University of Iowa

Analyzed the HCUP dataset, which contains 27 million of records of patient emergency room and hospital discharges. Our goal is to mine knowledge from the dataset and build an accurate classifier to predict if an emergency visit will result in a rehospitalization within 7,14 and 30 days. Achievement: We can achieve 82% AUC and still in the progress of improving it..

Developed cough detection system to classify a sound is a cough sound or not. Our goal is to count how many cough sounds from hundred of hours sound collected from the hospital. Achievement: We developed a logistic regression model to classify cough with > 96% AUC

Research/Teaching Assistant 2012-2013
John Von Neumann Institute, Centre of Excellence - Vietnam National University

Analysed research data, explored programming technologies and techniques to develop academic and small industrial applications such as intelligent digital magazines, smart restaurant finder, etc

Designed lectures, homework at graduate level and guided other graduate students.

(Senior) Software Developer 2011-2015
KMS Technology, Harvey Nash Vietnam

Core Web developer: Collected requirements, developed modules and web applications, analyzed and solved critical problems for a variety of projects.

Pioneer developer for new projects and built up the team. Improved client satisfaction, including many big clients such as OReilly, Warner Bros, Oxford University Press and others.

Fun corner


I study hard and play hard.

I love music. I have some trainings on music so I can sing and play music instruments. I know how to play piano and guitar and used to be an amateur music composer. Currently I'm only playing piano occasionally. Will play guitar again when I have time.

I love sports: I can play soccer and table tennis quite well. Swimming, badminton: Amateur level. Other sports: casual

I love computer games. I used to play lots of popular PC games and attended some competitions. Now without much time, I only play StarCraft 2 very occasionally. However, I'm one the best players of the map "Oh No It's Zombies" with the legendary name "dathong" or "dracon" (You will probably hear about me if you play this map ;))

I love reading: variety of topics: comic books, folktales, novels, history, philosophy, psychology, science, etc. including textbooks ;) I love books and read whenever I find new interesting ones.

I love to hangout with people too. However as an INTJ person, although I can attend a crowded party but I prefer talking in small groups or individually so we know each other better. We can have a cup of coffee or go to a restaurant if you would like to chat :)

Get in Touch


1030 East Court St, Apt #7, Iowa City, Iowa, IA 52240, USA