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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

General Gateways and Collections

Art Dictionary - ArtLex
Art History Resources - Witcombe
Art Resource
Archives of American Art - SI
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - Met
Amer Art Timelines 1600-1800 , 1800s, & Since 1900 - Met
Prints & Photos Reading Room - LoC
Prints & Photos Online - LoC
Smithsonian American Art Museum
George Eastman House
American Museum of Photography
Search National Gallery of Art
American Painting - Nat'l Gallery
Images of Popular Topics - LoC
Calisphere - UCal
Online Photo Collections - Lib of Va
African-American Art on the Internet - LIU

Model Sites
Early American Images - Brown
FSA-OWI Photos, 1935-45 - LoC
Case of the Inappropriate Alarm Clock - Morris
Panoramas: N Amer Landscapes - VMC
Art of War - WTAMU
Red Scare (1918-21) Image Data Base - CUNY
Illustrating Traveler - Yale
ZoneZero Galleries
Protest Posters of 60s (Vietnam, Cuba, US)
Baseball Cards, 1887-1914 - LoC
Medical Ephemera - NLM
WH Johnson Retrospective - SI
Visual Telling of Stories - Mullen
Capturing Reality: Art of Documentary - NFB
Gold Rush - Oakland Museum of CA
Beyond Face Value - LSU
Paint by Number - NMAH