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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Interpreting Primary Sources
Evaluating Sources - Harvard
Making Sense of Evidence - History Matters
Teacher's Guides & Analysis Tool - LOC
Teaching with Documents - NARA
Worksheets for Analyzing Sources - NARA

Reading, Writing, and Researching - Rael

Doing Research On-line
Fake News, Disinfo & Propaganda- Harvard
Website Research: CRAAP Test - CMU
Evaluating Resources - UCBerkeley
Web Literacy for Fact-Checkers - Caulfield
Lesson 8: Source Evaluation - DRC
Understanding & Evaluating Sources - NMSU
Evaluating Web Pages - Cornell
Researching With Wikipedia - Wikipedia
Top 10 Reasons Students Cannot Cite or Rely on Wikipedia - Moran
Researching with Wikipedia - Wikipedia
Rumor Has It - Snopes
Current Netlore & Urban Legends - Hoax List
Citing Electronic Sources MLA-style - Purdue

Reference Gateways
Virtual Reference Desk - Refdesk
Bartleby Reference Collection
Gov't Periodicals - U of Louisville

English as a Second Language
Resources for Teaching ESL - Using English
American English - US State Dept
Learn English - British Council
5 Minute English
ESL Party Land
ESL Podcast Blog

Reference Tools
Urban Dictionary
Foreign Language Dictionaries
Tanslate - Google
Guide to Grammar & Writing - CCCF
Common Errors in English Usage - Brians
How to Create a Research Poster - NYU
Acronym Finder
Texting - Lingo2Word

College or University in the World - GEO
Colleges or University in US - CLAS
Community Colleges - AACC
Global Education - CGE
EdUSA Advising Centers - State Dept
Museums Around the World - VLMP
Find a Museum - AAM
US Cities & Towns - CityTownInfo

Library of Congress Homepage

Library of Congress Catalog
Harvard U Library Catalog (HOLLIS)
U of California Catalog (MELVYL)
Internet Archive & Library

Free Online Courses

Ideas Worth Spreading - TED