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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Pop Culture Sources - Authentic History
Popular Culture - Cultural Politics
Pop History Dig
Holidays - History.com
Advertising Collections - Duke
Print Ads Since 1940 - AdFlip
ADText - AEF
Cagle's Cartoons & Commentary
New Yorker Cartoonbank
Chap Books - BSU
Print, Radio, TV - Newslink
US News Media - AJR
Museums Online
Internet Activities - Pew
Encyclopedia of TV - MBC
Internet Movie Database
Dirk's Greatest Films
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Reel American History - Lehigh U
All-movie - AMG
Popular Songs in Am History
Music - The People History
Audio Recordings - LoC
American Music Resources - SAM
Historic American Sheet Music - Duke
19th Century Song Sheets - LoC

American Sheet Music 1870-85 - LoC
American Song Online - History Matters
Scaruffi's History of Rock Music

Top-40 Hits of 1930-98
Absolute Lyrics

Rolling Stone
R&R Hall of Fame
History of Rock 'n' Roll, 1954-63
Old-time Radio Show Downloads - OTR
Vintage Radio Scripts - Generic Radio
Jazz Before 1930 - Red Hot Jazz
Jazz Seminar - Salzburg
Ballroom Dance, 1490-1920- LoC
Swing and Big Band Data
Urban Dictionary

Model Sites
Marian Anderson - UPenn
River of Song - PBS
American Roots Music - PBS
Civil War Music - LoC
Home Sweet Home, 19th C Ohio - LoC
Playing House - UWisconsin
Harlem Renaissance - LoC
CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Radio Days - OTR
Bob Hope and American Variety - LoC
The Lost Museum Classroom
The 1940s - 1940s.org
Great Day in Harlem
Jim Crow Racist Memorabilia - Ferris SU
Merchants of Cool - PBS