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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Your Place in Time (20th C) - HFM
Historic Buildings (HABS/HAE) - LoC
Great Buildings Collection
Digital Archive of Amer. Architecture - Howe
Teaching with Historic Places - NPS
Center for Land Use Intepretation Database
Common Ground - NPS
PreserveNet - Cornell
Historical Arch & Public Engagement - UIUC
Perceptions of Archeology - Ramos & Duganne
Material History of American Religion
Nature Transformed - NHC
History of Fashion - VintageBlues
Invention & Innovation - Lemelson Ctr SI
Television, Radio & More - Hall
Food Timeline
An American Feast - UDel

Food - FDA
Tupperware - PBS
Invention of the Airplane - MS State
Anglo-Am Furniture 1650-1850 - Natl Gallery

Reading a Machine - Mahoney
Feather Trade & Conservationists - SI
Early Recorded Sound & Wax Cylinders

Railroad Historical Society

Model T Road Trip - HFM
Vision of Puerto Rico - SI

Centennial Exhibition of 1876 - Villanova
Native American Technology - UConn

Monticello Explorer
Back of the Big House - Vlach
Living Under Enslavement - HFM
Park History Program - NPS
Visions for a Sustainable City - Stern
The Capitol Project - UVa
Philadelphia History - Independence Hall Assoc
Jamestown Rediscovery - APVA
Plymouth Colony Archive Project - UIUC

Shades of Gray (Stone Mountain Park) - UVa
Children's Toys - The People History
Toys & Games - IdeaFinder
Modern Marvels - History Channel