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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Maps - LoC
Geography & Maps Reading Room - LoC
US Map Collection - UTx Library
National Map - US Dept of Interior
Reference Maps - US Census
Thematic Maps - US Census
Color Landform Atlas of US - JHU
MSR Maps - MapCruzin
Cultural Maps- UVa
Hargrett Rare Map Collection - UGa
Maps & References - CGRER
Free Editable State Maps - Digital Vector
David Rumsey Collection

Living Atlas - ESRI

Geographic Data and GIS
Geospatial Data - data.gov
US Maps & Data - US Census
Geospatial Data Gateway - USDA
GeoCommunicator - BLM
Guide to GIS - ESRI
ArcGIS On-line - ESRI

Model Sites
Growth of a Nation - Animated Atlas
Patchwork Nation
Mapping History - UOr
Urban Transition Historical GIS - Brown
Panoramic Maps - LoC
Outline of American Geography - State Dept
Language Map - MLA
Regional Dialect Variation - Katz
Historical Landscape of the West - PBS
George Washington, Surveyor/Mapmaker - LoC