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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

American Lit & Events 1620-1929 - Campbell
American Authors on the Web - Matsuoka
Outline of American Literature - USInfo
Library - What So Proudly We Hail
Literary Theory & Criticism - JHUP
Electronic Poetry Center Author Index
Harvard Classics - Bartleby
Heath Anthology Resources
Literary Criticism Online - LiteraryHistory
Novel Guide
UVa Hypertexts

Early Americas Digital Archive - MITH
19th Century Literature & Culture - WSU
Virgo - UVa
American Fiction 1851-75 - Wright (IU)

Model Sites
Language of the Land - LoC
Dec of Independence by Translation - JAH
Voices From the Gaps - UMn
Whitman Archive - UVa
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - UVa
Uncle Tom's Cabin - UVa
Mark Twain in His Times - Railton, UVa
19th-C Children's Books - Pflieger
Dime Novels - Stanford
Pulp Fiction - Vintage
1950s Literature & Culture - UPenn
Beat Page - Rumsey
Curriculum - What So Proudly We Hail
Perspectives in American Literature - Reuben
Introductory Guide to Critical Theory - Felluga