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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

American Studies after Graduation
Why American Studies? - UMD
What Can I Do with an AS Major? - Notre Dame

What to Do with an AS Degree? - Guardian

What Can You "Do" with an AS Major? - UCD
American Studies Careers - ASA
Education for Life - Dines

Tips for Academic Job Seekers
Landing an Academic Job - Dantzig
Networking on the Network - Agre
Placement Advice - Raeburn
How to Apply for a Library Job - LISWiki Resumes and Cover Letters - Riley
Academic Cover Letters - Purdue
Teaching Portfolios - Vanderbilt
Interview Questions - Inside Higher Ed
Job Interview Workshop - Sies ASA
Academic Job Interview Questions - Sies
Negotiating That First Offer - CHE
Getting (Most of) What You Want - CHE
Negotiating Salary and Position - Newhouse

Issues in Higher Ed - AAUP
Academic Jobs Wiki

Career Advice & Support for PhDs
Versatile PhD
Advice - Chronicle of Higher Ed/AAUP

PhD's Guide to Non-Faculty Job Search - Wood
For an Expansive Job Search - Whisnant
Beyond Academe
Non-Academic Career Options - Columbia
Humanities PhD at Work - Doherty
My Next Move - US DoL
How to Be a Leader in Your Field - Agre
ASA Survey of PhD Recipients
Alt-Ac Career Resources - ASA
Career Data & Schools - CityTownInfo

Job Lists for PhDs
Job Guide - H-net
Jobs and Opportunities - ASA
MLA Job Information
Career Center - OAH
Museum Jobs
Chronicle of Higher Ed
Jobs in Higher Education - Academic360
Academic Job Search - Wikia
Job Search Engine - JuJu
Community College Jobs - AACC
Fulbright Program
Federal Gov't Jobs
Federal Grants