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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Library of Congress Exhibitions
History & Cutlure - Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Smithsonian Exhibitions - SI
Organization of American Historians (OAH)
Teaching the JAH
E-History - OSU
Digital History - UoHouston
Digital Media - Teachers' Domain
Modern History Sourcebook - Fordham
American Political History On-line - Jensen
American Experience for Teachers - PBS
Center for History & New Media - GMU
History Matters
Ease History
Gilder Lehrman Institute of Am Hist
History Now - GLIAH
National Archives for Teachers & Students
History News Network - GMU
Picturing US History - CUNY
Visualizing History - CLIO
US History Lessons - Teach With Movies

TeachingHistory.org - NHEC
US History Resources - Houghton Mifflin
History by Topic - A&E TV
History Works Themes
Biography of America - Annenberg/CPB
CW to the Present Course on-line - UoWI
Cold War Files - CWIHP
Home Ec History and Archive - Cornell
Agriculture Timelines 1862-2000 - USDA
US Forces Used Abroad 1798-2001- CRS
US Military History - Army
NSA Declassification Initiative

Women and Social Movements 1600-2000

Agents of Social Change in 20th C - Smith
US Women's History Workshop - Assumption
Jewish Women's Archives
Women's History at AFSCME
Guide to LGBT History - Fordham

Model Sites
Coming to America 1600-2013 - KQED

Colonization and Print in the Americas

Do History: Ballard's Diary - Harvard
Battle of Bunker Hill
Who Killed William Robinson?
Women Working, 1800-1930 - Harvard
African-American Mosaic - LoC
African-American Odyssey - LoC
Slavery/Abolition Documents - Yale
Tangled Roots, Irish & African American - Yale
Behind the Veil, Jim Crow South - Duke

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - PBS
Museum of Racist Memorabilia - Ferris
America at a Crossroads, 1979-2007 - PBS
Transatlantic Slave Trade - ISM
Valley of the Shadow Project - VCDH
Disasters in New York - VNY, CUNY
Great Chicago Fire
Triangle Factory Fire - Cornell
World's Columbian Exposition - UVA
Vietnam On-Line - PBS
Harlem 1900-1940 - NYPL
Brown vs. Board at 50 - LoC
Mississippi Truth Project
Civil Rights Teaching Resources
Bitterswee Harvest: The Bracero Program - SI
Not Even Past - UTAustin
West Web: Western History Resource
San Francisco History
Connecticut History On-Line (CHO)
Maine Memory - MHS
Cleveland Historical