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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Government Web Resources - LoC
State & Local Governments - LoC
Politics Resources - H-Pol
Quick Links for Political Scientists - APSA
Government Information - USA.gov
FdSys & MetaLib - Government Printing Office
American National Election Studies - ANES
History & Politics Out Loud - HPol
Les/Bi/Gay/Trans Civil Rights - Lambda Legal
Race & Racism in the Law
Indigenous Peoples' Law & Legal Issues - NativeWeb
Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties - Kappler
Indigenous Rights Links - IITC
C-Span Classroom

Branches of Government
Branches of Gov't - USA.gov
US Executive Branch - LoC
Current Congress & Legislation
Congressional Info - LOC
US Code - Law Revision Counsel
Legal Information Institute - Cornell
US Presidents - Miller Center
Presidential Audio Recordings - MSU
The Political Graveyard - Kestenbaum
Supreme Court Multi-media - Oyez
Supreme Court Historical Society
Famous Trials - UMKC

International Issues
Global Attitudes & Trends - Pew
InfoUSA - Dept of State
Frontline Diplomacy - LoC
US Foreign Relations, 1861-1960 - UofWI
The CIA Homepage
CIA World Factbook
US Human Rights Record - Amnesty Internat'l
US Human Rights Record - PRC

Great Decisions - FPA

Political Visual Materials
Campaign Commericals, 1952-2012 - MMI
Campaign Ads, 1952-2012 - Ease Hist (MSU)
Images of Amer Political Hist - Ball
Explore History - Harpweek
Political Cartoons Trending - Cagle
Editorial Cartoon Collection - Dirksen Center
Election Cartoons, 1860-1912 - Harpweek

C-SPAN Classroom

Recent Electoral and Policy Issues
Guide to Policy Issues - Newsbatch
On the Issues
Budget and Policy Priorities - CBPP
Money in Elections - Opensecrets/CRP
Real Clear Politics
Politics1 - Gunzburger
Religion & American Politics - SSRC
Campaigns & Elections - C-SPAN
Atlas of US Presidential Elections - Leip
Cook Political Report
Politics - NYT
Factcheck - Annenberg PPC