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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

Anthro Resources - AAA
Culture - Sociosite
Finding Ethnographies - SFU
Ethnographic Collections in the AFC - LoC
Ethnographic Interviews - Sakai
Methods & Ethics - AAA
Anthropological Theories - U Alabama
What is Culture? - Spencer-Oatey
Ethnography in the Parks - NPS

Subject Areas - Sociosite/U Amsterdam
Sociological Topics - Radford U
Virtual Explorations - Wood
Famous Sociologists - Sociosite/U Amsterdam
Dead Sociologists - Radford U
Understanding the World Today - GSRP

Folklife & Fieldwork Technique - LoC
Folklife & Oral History Guide - SI
Principles & Best Practices - OHA
Institute for Oral History - Baylor
Practical Guide to Oral History - SOPH
Folklife Sourcebook - LoC
On-line Folklife Collections - LoC
Storytelling & Motif Indexing - UNC
Folklore & Mythology - Pitt
Resources for Folklorists - AFS
Urban Legends - About.com
Archive of American Folk Medicine - UCLA

Public Opinion
US Opinion on Internat'l Issues - PIPA
Pew Research Center
Public Agenda Online
Roper Center Polls - Cornell
Gallup Polls
General Social Survey - NORC
World Public Opinion
Political and Social Surveys - UMI

Model Sites
The Society Pages
African-American Heritage - NPS

Patchwork Nation
Refugees - CORC
Race: Are We So Different? - AAA
Race & Science - MIT
Digital Library of Appalachia
Voices of the Colorado Plateau - IMLS
Ethnography of Latino Street & Gangs in LA
Acadian Culture in Maine - NPS
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History - UKY
Hunter Ozark Folk Songs - SMSU
John Henry Site - UNC CH
Tending the [WV] Commons - LoC
Fiddle Tunes: Reed Collection - LoC
Hillbilly Music - UNC
9/11 Documentary Project - LoC