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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

US Data, Trends, and Reports
Data and Stats about the US - USA.gov
Resources & Standards - FedStats
How to Get the Most Out of Census.gov
US & State Quick Facts - US Census
American Fact Finder - US Census
Census Topics - US Census
Data Tools - US Census
CensusScope - SSDAN
Population Reference Bureau
Census Browser, 1790-1960 - UVa
20th Century Trends - Caplow et al.
American Communities Project - Brown
US Migration Issues and Data - MPI
Health Statistics - CDC
Working America - EPI
Child Stats - FIFCFS
National Center for Educational Statistics
Intro to Statistics
Basic Concepts - Niles
Statistics Text (SticiGui) - Stark
Electronic Textbook - StatSoft
Electronic Lessons and Examples - EESEE

How Much Is That? - EHnet

Measuring Worth
CPI Converstions, 1774-2024 - OSU
Inflation Conversions, 1774-2025 - Sahr
On-Line Calculators - Pezzullo