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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz

American Studies Outfits
American Studies Journals Worldwide
H-Amstdy and H-USA Listservs
American Studies Association (US ASA)
Popular Culture and American Culture Associations (H-PCAACA)
Society of Americanists
European Assoc for Am Studies (EAAS)
Forum for Interamerican Research - IAIAS
49th Parallel -- U of Nottingham
Journal of Transnational AS
Study of the US Institutes - State Dept

American Studies Gateways
Encyclopedia of AS (EAS) - ASA
American Studies - UVA

The Yellow Pages - UVA
AmericanStudier - Railton

Cultural Politics - Reed

American Memory Project - LoC
Classroom Materials
Themed Resources
Teachers Resources
Lesson Plans

Other Interdisciplinary Gateways
Lesson Plans - NEH EdSitement
Smithsonian Institution
Public History Commons
Digital Collections - UWi
Digital Collections - Duke
America in Class - NHC
National Museum of the American Indian - SI
National Museum of Af-Am History and Culture
Am History Virtual Exhibits - NMAH
History Matters
PBS Learning Media
National Archives Exhibits and Research Catalog - NARA

Primary Source Sets and Exhibits - DP
Digital Collections - NYPL

Latin American Network Information Center

Intro to US for Foreign Students
Customs and Cultural Differences - Edupass
Key American Values - UMSL
Survival Guide - Abroadplanet
Education USA - State Dept
Understanding E/W Business - Johannsen
Anti-Americanism in France - Rochefort
Anti-Americanism in German Media - Medienkritik
Americanization of Anamie - Park

American Journeys 1000-1800 - WHS
American Beginnings 1492-1690 - NHC
Teaching Early American Topics - Lehigh
Formation of Modern American Culture - Yale
The People History
America in Class - NHC
Gilded and Gritty 1870-1912 - NHC

US & Its Territories 1870-1925 - UMich
The Red Scare 1918-1921 - CUNY
Prosperity and Thrift 1921-29 - LoC
The 1930s - UVA
New Deal Network
The Sixties Project - Tal
Psychedlic 60's - UVA

Model Sites
Collaborative Digital Library Projects - LoC
Meeting of Frontiers (US/Russian)
- LoC
American Indian Lessons and Exhibits - NMAI
Digital Shomburg - NYPL
Inventing New England - Harvard
Understanding Slavery - DCMS
Center for the Study of the American South
Visualizing America - CLIO
Conservation History 1850-1920 - LoC
Born in Slavery and WPA Narratives - LoC
African-American Odyssey - LoC
Jewish Life in America - LoC
Chinese in California 1850-1925 - UCBerkeley

West Web - Lavender
Lewis and Clark Expedition - PBS
Journals of Lewis and Clark - UNL
Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - PBS
Remembering Jim Crow - Public Radio
Chinese America 1857-92 - Harper's
Guide to LGBT History - Fordham
Long Island, Our Story - Newsday
Children in Urban America - Milwaukee
Kentuckiana - KYVL
At Home in the Heartland - Illinois
Ohio Memory Project
Carlisle Indian Industrial School - Landis
NYC and Chicago 1870s-1930s - City Sites
HistoryLink - Washington
Lesbians in the 20th Century - OutHistory
Virtual Museum of City of SF
Harlem 1900-1940 - NYPL
Harlem History - Columbia
Drop Me Off in Harlem - Kennedy Ctr
Virtual New York City - CUNY
Florida Memory - SLAF
Alaska Diary - Bernardi/UNM
Off/Page - Youth Speaks/CIR