Breast cancer gene expression data from The Cancer Genome Atlas


This data set comes from breast cancer tissue samples deposited to The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. TCGA contains data on tumour samples were assayed on several platforms; this data set compiles results obtained using Agilent mRNA expression microarrays.

BRCA1 is the first gene identified that increases the risk of early onset breast cancer. Because BRCA1 is likely to interact with many other genes, including tumor suppressors and regulators of the cell division cycle, it is of interest to find genes with expression levels related to that of BRCA1, which we treat as the outcome of this analysis. These genes may be functionally related to BRCA1 and are useful candidates for further studies.

Expression measurements of 17,814 genes from 536 patients; all expression measurements are recorded on the log scale. There are are 491 genes with missing data, which we have excluded.





The Cancer Genome Atlas.