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Here are a few of the eggs I have done. Most of these designs were inspired by someone else's egg. Either from books I have purchased or designs I have seen on the web. A few designs are originals by me (the first 2.5 rows). At least I wasn't looking at pictures of any other eggs when I did them. I've been writing pysanky for about 18 years. My friend Lois taught me while we were in college

The spiral cross at the beginning of the 4th row was the first design I ever attempted. Unfortunately, this is not my first egg, it has been misplaced. 

The quilt 'double wedding rings' egg beginning in row 4 was made for my niece's wedding.

The purple egg with triangles has exactly 40 triangles.  the trick was the uncommon divisions - 5 x 8 = 40. ( 8 segments vertically, with 5 triangles each.

*** To those whose designs I have imitated: Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your work.

You can click on any of the eggs to see a larger view. Use your browsers Back button to return to this page.

This last egg is an example of the problems I've been having with my black dye rubbing off.

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