Laird Addis, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

                                          My association with the University of Iowa began in 1951 when,
                                                   at the age of 14,I started four years of working evenings and,    
   Office address:                                 in summers, full time in the hospital kitchens.  During my
     170 English-Philosophy Building (EPB)         undergraduate years, with majors in Music and Philosophy (BA,
     The Department of Philosophy                  1959), I worked in University cafeterias and libraries to 
     The University of Iowa                        supplement my income from playing my bass and music copying.
     Iowa City, IA  52242                          Following a year at Brown University (MA, 1960), I returned to
                                                   Iowa (Ph.D, 1964) to study with Gustav Bergmann.  Joining the
   Office phone: 319-335-0495                      faculty in 1963, I moved up the ranks to Professor (1974), and
   Office FAX:   319-353-2392                      retired after 41 years on the faculty (Emeritus Professor, 2004).

   Home phone:   319-338-6635                      My life as a musician has included 29 seasons with the Quad City
                                                   Symphony Orchestra and 36 with the Iowa City Community String
                                                   Orchestra (and still playing as of 2016).  Additionally, I returned
                                                   to composing in 2007, after a break of 45 years.  I am a proud
   e-mail address:           member of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 450.



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