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Kelly M. Kadera

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
University of Iowa

373 Schaeffer Hall

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Professional Activities


  • The Power-Conflict Story:  A Dynamic Model of Interstate Rivalry.  2001.  Ann Arbor, MI:  The University of Michigan Press.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

  • "A Supply Side Theory of Third Party Conflict Management" with Mark Crescenzi, Sara Mitchell, and Clayton Thyne.  Forthcoming (2011).  International Studies Quarterly. <.pdf>
  • "The Origins and Evolution of SSIP:  How Methods Met Models, with a Short Interlude" with Dina Zinnes.  2010.  In International Studies Encyclopedia (Scientific Studies of International Politics contribution).  R. Denemark and A. Gerlak, eds.  Wiley Blackwell. <.pdf>
  • "Practicing Democratic Community Norms:  Third Party Conflict Management and Successful Settlements" with Sara Mitchell and Mark Crescenzi.  2009.  In Empirical Studies in Mediation.  S. Gartner and J. Bercovitch, eds.  London:  Routledge. <.pdf>
  • "The Trade-Offs of Fighting and Investing:  A Model of the Evolution of War and Peace" with Daniel S. Morey.  2008.  Conflict Management and Peace Science, 25:  152-170.  <.pdf>
  • "Mana from Heaven or Forbidden Fruit?  The (Ab)Use of Control Variables in Research on International Conflict" with Sara Mitchell.  2005.  Conflict Management and Peace Science, 22:  273-274. <.pdf>
  • "Heeding Ray's Advice:  An Exegesis on Control Variables in Systemic Democratic Peace Research" with Sara Mitchell.  2005.  Conflict Management and Peace Science, 22:  311-326. <.pdf>
  • "Measuring National Power" with Gerald Sorokin.  2004.  International Interactions, 30:  211-230. <.pdf>
  • "Democratic Survival, Peace, and War in the International System," with Mark Crescenzi and Megan Shannon.  2003.  American Journal of Political Science, 47:  234-247. <.pdf> <dataset> <simulation files>
  • "The Power-Conflict Story:  A Synopsis."  1999.  Conflict Management and Peace Science, 17:  149-174. <.pdf>
  • "Transmissions, Barriers, and Constraints:  A Dynamic Model of the Spread of War."  1998.  Journal of Conflict Resolution, 42:  367-387. <.pdf>
  • "The Conditions and Consequences of Dyadic Power Transitions:  Deductions from a Dynamic Model."  1995.  In Parity and War:  A Critical Evaluation of the War Ledger.  J. Kugler and D. Lemke, eds.  Ann Arbor, MI:  The University of Michigan Press. <.pdf>

Journal Volumes

  • Control Variables, Model Specification, and Knowledge Cumulation.  Editor with Sara Mitchell.  2005.  A special issue of Conflict Management and Peace Science, Vol. 22.

Working Papers

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