Gideon K.D. Zamba, M.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Biostatistics (Primary)
Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Secondary)
Carver College of Medicine Teaching Scholar
Biostatistician, The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
Program Director, Iowa Institute for Research Education in Biostatistics


105 River Street


Iowa City, IA  52242

Phone: (319) 384-1586


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' All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.'

Galileo Galilei

Courses Instructed

         Theory of Linear and Generalized Linear Models

         Theory of Biostatistics I

         Biostatistical Methods I

         Research Data Management

         Design and Analysis of Biomedical Studies

         Biostatistical Computing

         Introduction to Biostatistical Computing

         Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials

         Introduction to Biostatistics

         General Biostatistics

         Radiation Oncology Biostatistics Seminar

         Data Analysis

         Applied Regression including Computing and Graphics

         Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Current Research Interests : Methodology

         Multivariate Statistics

         Computational statistics

         Reliability & Recurrence

         Change Point Problems

         Dynamic Processing

         Syndromic Surveillance

Current Research Interests : Collaborative





Selected Peer-reviewed Publications : Methodology

Zamba K. D., Tsiamyrtzis P. (2021).    Sequential Detection Framework for Real-time Biosurveillance Based on Shiryaev-Roberts Procedure with Illustration Using COVID-19 Incidence Data. Sequential Analysis, 40(2), 146--169

Zamba K. D., Adekpedjou A. (2019).    A Khmaladze Martingale-Transformed Test of Fit with ML Estimation in the Presence of Recurrent Events. Sequential Analysis, 38(3), 318--341

Adekpedjou A., Olbricht G. R., Zamba K. D. (2018).    Confidence Bands for Quantiles as a Function of Covariates in Recurrent Event Models. Canadian Journal of Statistics, 46(4), 610--634

VanBuren, J. M., Zamba, K. D., Wall, M. (2016).    Integrating Independent Spatio-Temporal Replication to Assess Population Trends in Disease Spread. Statistics in Medicine, 35(28), 5210--5221

Adekpedjou A., Withanage De-Mel A., Zamba K. D. (2015).    Data Dependent Cells Chi-Square Test with Recurrent Events. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 42(4), 1045--1064

Yang, M., Cavanaugh, J.E., Zamba, K.D. (2014) . State-Space Models for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros. Statistical Modelling, 15(1), 70--90

Yang, M., Zamba, K. D., Cavanaugh, J.E. (2013) . Markov Regression Models for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros: A Partial Likelihood Approach. Statistical Methodology, 14,26--38

Zamba K. D., Tsiamyrtizis P., Hawkins, D. M. (2013).    A Three-State Recursive Sequential Bayesian Algorithm for Biosurveillance. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 58, 82--97

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Hawkins, D. M., Zamba K. D. (2005).    A change Point Model for Shift in Variance. Journal of Quality Technology, 37 (1) 21-31

Hawkins, D. M., Zamba K. D. (2004).    On Small Shifts In Quality Control. Quality Engineering , 16 143-149

Research Supporting Material : Tables

Supporting tables for : Zamba, K. D., Hawkins, D. M. (2006)     Technometrics TABLES TECHNO  

Supporting tables for : Zamba, K. D., Hawkins, D. M. (2009)     Journal of Quality Technology TABLES JQT