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This brief reference is just to remind you of the basic commands you will use for this class.
State has very good on-line help, just type help command or use the search button.


Stata command

To open a log file: log using filename.log
To close the currently open log file: log close
To open Stata data set: use dataset.dta
To open ascii data set: insheet using dataset.asc
To view means and variances of variables: summarize
To create a new variable: generate varname=value
To change values of an old variable: replace varname=new value
To change specific values of an old variable: replace varname=new value if varname= =value
To generate a random uniform variable: generate varname=uniform()
To generate a random binary variable: generate varname=round(uniform(),1)
To set the number of observations: set obs number
To tabulate one variable: table varname
To tabulate one variable against another: table rowvar colvar
To graph a histogram of one variable with k possible values: graph varname, bin(k)
To conduct a difference in means test between two variables: ttest varname1 varname2
To conduct a difference in means test for one variable (split by varname2): ttest varname1, by(varname2)
To run a regression of a dependent variable on independent variables: regress depvar indvar1 indvar2 ... indvarK
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