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I moved my current and future courses to the University of Iowa's online course system (ICON). Unfortunately it is only accessible by enrolled students, so I have posted current syllabi for interested parties.


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30:029 First-Year Seminar: The Academy vs. The Media Spring 2005
30:125 Interest Groups Fall 2007 Fall 2010
30:128 Direct Democracy Fall 2008
30:136 Strategy in Politics Spring 2003
30:201 Introduction to Methodology Spring 2005
30:303 Advanced Methodology Fall 2008 Fall 2009
30:306 Advanced Topics in Methodology: Event History/Count Fall 2007 Fall 2009
30:306 Advanced Topics in Methodology: Computing Spring 2008
30:310 Modeling American Politics Spring 2008
30:319 Problems in American Politics: Interest Groups Fall 2004

Class Homepages   Fred's Vitae   Fred's Homepage
Last updated: January 05, 2009
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