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Welcome, I am a Professor of Political Science at the University of Iowa and Director of the Iowa Social Science Research Center in the Public Policy Center. My research focuses on the effect of direct democracy on interest groups -- my book on this subject was published by The Ohio State University Press (the Introduction is available online). I also do research on policy diffusion across the American states. In general I like to develop and test empirical and formal models of political phenomena. If you have any questions about me or our program, or would like to discuss any research, please email me.

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Recent Publications:

"Subverting Administrative Oversight: Campaign Contributions and Nursing Home Inspections"

"SPID: A New Database for Inferring Public Policy Innovativeness and Diffusion Networks" with Mark Brockway, Bruce A. Desmarais, Jeffrey J. Harden, Scott LaCombe, Fridolin Linder, and Hanna Wallach.

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