Freda B. Lynn


Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Sociology & Criminology

University of Iowa




:: research ::          


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:: grants ::           


2019    National Science Foundation. “Mapping the Many Pathways (In and Out) of the Postsecondary STEM Pipeline.” PI, $233,989. With Katherine Broton and Yongren Shi.


2013    National Science Foundation. “Biographies of Scientific Ideas: The Diffusion of Knowledge in Medicine and Sociology.” PI, $159,234. With Michael Sauder.


:: in progress ::    


Fabien Accominotti, Freda B. Lynn, and Michael Sauder. “How Status Hierarchies Vary and Why this Matters for Inequality.”


Lynn, Freda B., Olga A. Novoselova, and Michael Sauder. “From Publication to Contribution. Illustrating Four Pathways to Prominence.”