Dave's Dream Mentor Challenge

While discovering one’s passion is generally the first step, mentors are often responsible for helping one find their way.

The idea: Ask yourself the following question - “If I could select anyone in the world to learn from, who would I pick, and what would I ask?” 

The Challenge: Provide me with 3-4 options, and a brief description on why these individuals were chosen.  I in turn will try and connect you for an interview with one of the “dream mentors” on your list before the end of the semester. Once you have a “backstage pass to life”, sitting in the “lawn seats” is never the same! 

Chaz'men Williams-Ali with Simon Estes

Audio Files of Student Interviews

Jenna Friederich
Dream Mentor – Kirk Ferentz – University of Iowa football coach: Direct File | iTunes

Drew O’Bleness
Dream Mentor – Doug Ulman– President and Chief Executive Officer of LIVESTRONG: Direct File | iTunes

Angela Kuntz
Dream Mentor – Lance Benson – Born without legs, Lance is a marathon athlete, who competes using a skateboard and his arms:   Direct File | iTunes

Lauren Van Sant
Dream Mentor – Neil Gaiman – An English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre and films: Direct File | iTunes

Anna Chalfin
Dream Mentor – RICK STEVES – Travel Expert: Direct File | iTunes

Elise Goodmann
Dream Mentor – KRIS CARR – Author, speaker, wellness coach – living with terminal cancer : Direct File | iTunes

Caitlyn Crawford
Dream Mentor – NANCY CLARK - Sports nutritionist and author: Direct File | iTunes